Adam Dunwoody

Adam Dunwoody

Personal Trainer


• Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
• Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training
• Emergency First Aid
• Boxfit Instructor

About me

As an expert in the fitness industry with over a decade of developing my skills, managing multiple gyms and having an established reputation as a premium personal trainer, I am here to ensure you make the most from your time in the gym.

Using effective and refined training systems I will teach you how to engage the correct muscles, safely use weights, machines and other gym equipment to get stronger as well as perform better and look great.

I have helped a vast range of clients achieve their goals, some examples include:
– Busy professionals needing to make the most of their time and training.
– Women wanting to strengthen and shape their bodies using various weights and machines but not sure where to start.
– Older men and women prioritising health and wellness, wanting to exercise in a safe and enjoyable way.
– Competitors in various sporting disciplines needing to increase intensity and enhance efficiency working toward important deadlines.
– Men wanting to increase their strength, size and overall confidence.
– Newcomers to the gym who simply want to have to tools to exercise effectively long term.

It all begins with a conversation, get in touch now.

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