Esther Hutton

Esther Hutton

Personal Trainer


• Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
• Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructor
• Nutrition
• Boxing and Pads
• Kettlebells


• Weight Loss
• Boxing and Pads
• Strength Training
• Bodyweight Training
• Functional Training

About me

After struggling with my weight throughout my adult life, constantly yoyo dieting and not enjoying exercise. I come to a point where things had to change. Now having lost over 30kg myself, I want to help you accomplish your goals, and I will do that by not only motivating and training you but by also understanding your needs and any difficulties you may face along the way.

I believe that fitness should be used to enhance your health, both physically and mentally. I want to show you that is it possible to find fun and sustainable ways to change your lifestyle through nutrition and exercise to be healthier and happier.

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