Joe Butler

Joe Butler


• Level 2 REPS Personal Trainer
• Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer
• Circuit instructor 
• Core trainer


“After working with Joe for the last 3 weeks I have noticed a considerable difference in my physique and lost 2kg already. My fitness has increased, and so has my ability to train for longer and even harder. Joe has understood how to motivate me and is always available to help me with food advice. He pays attention to any pain, to my weight loss and to my muscle mass. Besides, he is always available for appointments”
Anita Eboli

About me

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and develop my skillset as a trainer and coach, my experience in the fitness industry has enabled me to expand and share my knowledge to new and advanced individuals that are looking to improve physically and mentally in and outside the gym. Irrespective of a clients experience, goals are set and achieved.

My passion for training has led me to competing at an elite bodybuilding level, which has taught me more about discipline, commitment and hard work – this has helped me shape who I am today.

It’s important to have knowledge and the work ethic to be a great coach, in order to provide the best training and service.

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