Kuba Respondek

Kuba Respondek


• Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
• Level 2 Certificate in Fitness instructing
• Spin Qualification
• Circuit Training Qualification


• Strength Training/Powerlifting
• Weight loss
• Power Training
• Bodyweight Training
• High Intensity Training

About me

I believe that there isn’t a goal that can’t be achieved with time, motivation, dedication and the right training. Through my younger years I have always been active and tried many sports such as, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, running amongst many others, however I only found my self to be happy after I found strength training.

Growing up I was always the smallest kid which made me unhappy and I knew I wanted to make a change. Training has allowed me to become a better version of myself not only through gained confidence but also teaching me life lessons such as discipline and self motivation.

Getting stronger and beating targets was always the best part of training. After seeing my own results I decided I wanted to become a Personal Trainer in order to help people build the same confidence, help them beat their own targets and share the passion for training.

Special offers: Free consultations and Fitness Assessment. Package Deals, First session half price.

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