Martin Fenn

Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Soft Tissue Therapist


• Bsc (Hons) Sport Coaching (Sheffield Hallam)
• Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
• Level 3 Personal Trainer (Active IQ)
• Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function – Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists
• Level 5 Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutritional Advisor (YMCA)
• Insanity Pro Team Instructor (Beachbody)
• Enhanced Functional Training (Enhanced Fitness)
• Level 2 Tennis Coach (LTA)


Postural Correction in order to:
• Reduce Pain/Rehab
• Prevent Future Pain
• Improve Athletic Performance
• Improve Movement Competency
Hypertrophy/Strength Gains through:
• Progressive Overload
• Biomechanical Analysis
• Individualised Joint Motion Assessments
• Completely Individualised Programming and Nutrition

Sport Specific Training
• Biomechanical Analysis
• Movement Pattern Modifications
• Strength/Power/Speed
• Extensive Periodisation

Sport Specific Training through:
• Biomechanical Analysis
• Movement Pattern Modifications
• Strength/Power/Speed
• Extensive Periodisation


• Monthly Personal Training Packages – Training, Nutrition, Soft Tissue Work, Weekly Check In
• Monthly Two to One Training Packages – Training, Nutrition, Weekly Check In
• Monthly Online Coaching – Programmes, Nutrition, Weekly Check in
• Hybrid Personal Training/Online Packages – Monthly Online with Discounted One to One Session(s)
• Soft Tissue and Fascial Release for Postural Correction and Performance

About me

My interest has always been in improving athletic and sporting performance but with a view to optimising posture and holistic health alongside to promote training longevity as my sport days were cut short through injury. This interest in the mechanisms behind optimal movement and performance molded my degree course towards biomechanics and strength and conditioning as well as the qualifications I continue to undergo as I move forwards.

Alongside the qualifications I have extensive experience as a coach, with over ten years of total practical coaching experience across a number of sports and roles. With four years of this experience being as a personal trainer. Across my coaching career I have worked with multiple UK top 5 Juniors in Tennis across age groups.

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