Naz Valentino


• Higher Diploma in Physics (Bsc Bachelors of Science)
• (Compact Course) In Sports & Exercise Science with Psychology

University Modules:

• Physiology & Anatomy
• Nutrition & diet interventions
• Rehabilitation & Special mobilisations
• Exercise psychology
• Duke of Edenborough (Silver)
• Royal Air Force cadet (4 years).
• Marine 5-year initiate (RMR Barracks, London)
• Holland & Barret advisor -Licenced botanist (I know my plants!)

About me

Naz will not only assist you in achieving optimal results, but will further educate you on the principles of muscle building, nutrition, sports psychology, goal setting and the foundations of improved overall well-being. Naz uses an educational/homeopathic approach to Personal Training i.e., focusing on ‘fitness understanding & mindset development interventions’ to strengthen your fitness foundations. Not only is Naz the only Vegetarian Personal Trainer in the Team; but he also is a home tutor and teaches GCSE/11+ students in Math & Physics. As well as a Holland & Barret (Advisory).

(When asked to explain the Personal Training Experience):
“Naz’s energy and ability to motivate me is astonishing. His know-how on getting me to believe in myself is praise-worthy. I never had much confidence when training in the gym but ever since I’ve been training with Naz I’ve felt a sudden shift in my perspective; I’m far more confident and I know exactly what I’m doing when I train by myself. He is very fun to talk to as he’s always in such a great-mood, I don’t know how he’s always so spritely!”

(When asked what she had learned):
“He’s very knowledgeable not only in fitness but in other areas of life. He’s provided me with a fresh insight on how to deal with negative energy. He’s very guru like and talks a lot about the conversation we have with yourself, like a guru would”.

(When asked to describe me in one sentence):
“A surge of dopamine”. – Danni PhD.Post Doctorate Student @Reading University.

Block of 10 sessions peak £395

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