Danilo Coppola

Buzz Coach


My passion for sport started while playing Basketball for 6 years. It is when I first started lifting weights that I fell in love with Bodybuilding as I saw improvements in my body and personality. I like to consider the gym as a place where you can develop a new you through challenges and hard work.

I also know that it can be overwhelming moving your fist steps into a gym floor.

Whether your goal is fat loss or weight gain, learning basic or more advanced lifts such as the Olympic Lifts or develop a healthier lifestyle, let me be the investment you make for yourself.


“Training with Danilo was the best decision I have ever made, he helped me enjoy training, learn everything I needed to be confident in the gym and finally get amazing results. I lost 2 stone and got fitter and stronger than I knew I could be. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.”

“I always struggled to gain weight. I always trained hard and tried to eat lots of food yet I could not see any results. I have now worked for almost 1 month with Danilo and I can finally see some good results and I feel like I am not wasting my time anymore. Definitely recommended.”


  • BSc Nursing
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer ISSA
  • Advanced Diploma in Sport Nutrition and Weight Loss Management – AfN Certified
  • Level 1 Assistant Coach British Olympic Weightlifting

Danilo Coppola