Buzz Coach


My coaching programme is called Look Like You Lift. I help people that already love going to the gym to look like they actually go to the gym. For most people this starts with fat loss. I also help people that already look good to look even more jacked by optimising everything they are doing.

I have a no BS approach. The methods I use are specific to the goal of looking incredible. I use bodybuilding training and sustainable nutrition. I hold my clients accountable and support them through the process which is what most people need much more than a workout plan.

We will not be rolling around on mats and doing fluffy stuff. We will not be using kettlebells. We will not be walking on treadmills. We will be doing hard weight training, nailing the diet and checking in every week, whilst still enjoying life.

I offer both personal training and online coaching. I’ve been in the gym since 2000 and a trainer since 2014.


  • Looking like you lift
  • Looking good naked
  • Looking jacked
  • Bodybuilding


  • Level 3 PT
  • Does anyone actually care lol