Ibrahim Ramzy

Buzz Coach


My name is Ibrahim Ramzy and I am the co founder of SILVARAM Agency – a sports agency that provides a complete support system for our athletes to pursue a professional career.

As the head fitness coach I have a unique ability to cut the jargon and resonate with each and everyone I work with in a way to make health and fitness fun, progressive and a priority in your daily routine.

My preferred style of training is bodyweight mastery and I’m a student of functional movement with a goal of spreading my knowledge to raise a community of people who are living life to the fullest.

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Be so good they can’t ignore you – Arnold Schwarzenegger


  • Fitness
  • Core training specialist


  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Level 3 fitness coach
  • Callisthenics coach
  • Level 1 football coach
  • Weight loss specialist
  • Core training specialist