Patryk Szpak

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Each journey begins with a single step, let me help you make that step and take you on a new healthy adventure. Sport and fitness have always played an important part of my life and transcended into my now career.

On my arrival to England 15 years ago, I couldn’t speak the language and sport was the only way I was able to communicate and bond with people my age. From the age of 16, I played basketball at a semi-professional level and at the age of 18 became a fully qualified basketball coach. During this time, I was introduced to some of the best coaches and fitness’ experts, where my passion for helping others flourished. Expanding in this passion I took interest into advanced training methods and sports specific training. My primary goal as a PT is to firstly, help you achieve your aims and goals but also help you attain a level of knowledge so you become a fully confident gym goer and can continue your self development journey. Each training session is tailored to the individual whilst being engaging, fun and effective at the same time making you work hard resulting in a sense of success and achievement. My client group varies from sport specific athletes to beginners and people who never stepped onto the gym floor. I am approachable and enjoy meeting new people, so come and say hello or drop me a message and let’s make today count towards your future.


  • Fat Loss / body Transformations
  • Muscle Building
  • Sports training specialist


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 3 Basketball Coaching

Patryk Szpak


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