Rali Malcheva Ivanova

Buzz Coach


I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for the last 7 years. My objective is to inspire people to achieve their own personal goal by sharpening my knowledge with them, offering personalised training plans, online challenges, training videos and tips which I share on my personal Instagram and Facebook profiles. I am passionate about healthy wellbeing and balanced lifestyle, and a passionate believer that I can motivate and help clients reach their full body and mind potential.

I have a love for weights training, but my latest interest is to incorporate functional movement, breathing, mobility and strength all in one. I have total respect for what the human body and mind could achieve if we put the work in and look after ourselves.

I work with people from all age groups, gender and nationalities and I enjoy the diversity and challenges which every day brings. Seeing my clients feeling and moving better is one of my biggest rewords.


Strength training, Yoga and Pilates, breathing techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness and mental health Also traveling, food and relaxation.


  • Free consultation chat and assessment
  • 1-2-1 personal training sessions
  • Group classes and corporate health events
  • Online 6-12 week challenges
  • FB private group for everything fitness, health and wellbeing related
  • Food and nutrition related support


  • LAO Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal exercise
  • Group Studio Cycling
  • Circuit and Bootcamp Training
  • Kettlebell and Sculpt Training
  • Supple Strength Training

Rali Malcheva Ivanova

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