Reza Hashemi

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Hi, my name is Reza, I am a level 2 Fitness Instructor, and have achieved a level 3 certificate in Personal Training.

I attained my first qualification at the age of 11 in Handball. Afterwards I started playing basketball and was invited to play for Iran’s national team. I held the record in 200m sprint (23.8) at the age of 17. I have trained in kickboxing and Aikido for a few years.

I am enthusiastic about all sports, but my particular favourites are football, rugby, basketball, athletics, volleyball, MMA, cage fighting and of course, going to the gym. I have over eight years’ experience as a Personal Trainer. I understand my clients’ needs and I love my job. Together we can develop a nutritional and exercise plan which is fun, achievable and tailored to your specific goals.

It does not matter if it is your first time in the gym or you have had previous experience of personal training, I will take you one step at a time to reach your desired goal, and together we can work towards any targets you set for yourself when joining the gym within a realistic time-frame.
By training with me, you will achieve the best results.


“A special THANK YOU to the best PT ever. I have never met someone so passionate about his job and so determined to help people get results and be happy. Although happy on both photos, I am much healthier and energetic on the second one! Reza you helped me achieve this re-shaping in just 5 months with all your encouragement, care and competence. There’s no stopping me now!”


  • REPs level 2 gym instructor
  • REPs Level 3 personal training
  • Level 3 Basketball coaching
  • Level 3 Handball Coaching
  • First Aid

Reza Hashemi

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