Teekay Adegbenro

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I got into the fitness industry to help people better themselves and improve their health. I love training clients who want to build muscle, lose weight and body fat.

To achieve your goals, your training has to be a lifestyle along with eating correctly and being disciplined. I will work with you in the gym along with giving you a tailored plan to follow. As a PT I’ll be by your side to make sure you are achieving your goals.


“I’ve been training with Teekay for 3 months and I’ve never been happier. I was so nervous about starting with a PT as I was very inexperienced in the gym but he made me feel so at ease. I’ve lost 5% body fat and 10kg!”

“I love training with Teekay. I chose him because I wanted to put on muscle and gain strength and I’m doing just that. I have achieved PB’s in Bench and Squats and I’m on my way with Deadlifts also. If you want a trainer that will drive you to be better and stronger then choose Teekay.”


  • Level 2 Premier Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Premier Personal Trainer

Teekay Adegbenro

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