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Are you stuck in a rut with your nutrition, jumping from one diet to the next or are you spending loads of time in the gym and seeing no results?

My job as a Personal Trainer is to help you transition your body and mind. I’ve worked with over 100+ clients aged between 18-60 helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. With me, not only will you achieve your goals, I will equip you to maintain long lasting results.

Last year, my clients lost between 5-10kg of weight and each client would recommend me to a friend or family member (see reviews on Google).

Regardless of your level of experience, I can guide you through your training & nutrition, providing you with the right support systems and a motivational environment throughout the process.

Want to know more? Pick up a business card and check out my website I’m always on the gym floor so you are very welcome to come grab me for a chat to get started on your Transition today!


“Tobi is friendly, fun and approachable. He takes the time to get to know you, your goals, your abilities and the way you like to train. He tailors the programme so it’s completely individual to you. If there is something specific you want to work on, he adjusts your programme to help you achieve this. For example, I’ve always wanted to improve my upper body strength and work towards being able to do a pull up. Tobi adjusted my programme to help me achieve this and in just 4 weeks I was able to do a pull up all on my own!

Something I have never been able to do! He goes above and beyond his role as a personal trainer; checking in on you regularly each week, getting just as excited as you about new PBs & achievements and helping with more than just your physical health. I always look forward to my sessions (even when I can’t walk after!!)”


  • BSc Sports Therapy
  • Combined Boxing Instructor
  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss Specialist
  • Core Training Specialist
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist
  • Les Mills GRIT Instructor

Tobi Adepegba

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