Will Wong

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Hi my name Will, I am a powerlifter in the 74 kg category and I have some experience when comes to competing in powerlifting meets. I have been a personal trainer 3 years in the fitness industry. It has been a great experience because it allowed me to work with different clients also with different age groups, this have been an eye opening because it allowed me to adjust my client’s workout programmes to fit their specific goals they want to achieve. I have got a foundation degree in science in Sports Coaching, Fitness and Rehabilitation from Oxford Brookes University.  I specialise in powerlifting, strength training, circuit training and also analysis people technique make it better for individual because everyone is not same. My goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals and feel better about themselves also keep striving to become better in their fitness journey.


“I have been training with Will for the last 12 months. He has helped me progress in my fitness, achieving a level I had not imaging possible at the outset. In the last year he has monitored my progress, set me various programmes and reviewed targets accordingly. In my experience he is extremely professional. In my sessions he focusses on good technique, maintaining my safe use of the gym equipment to avoid injury. Will is motivating, encouraging and courteous; he is reliable in his communications and punctuality. I really enjoy training with Will and have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer”.

Tricia Joyce


  • Level 2 Premier Fitness instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Foundation Degree in Science in Sports Coaching, Fitness and Rehabilitation

Will Wong

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