Buzz Love


Prior to Buzz Gym opening for a short period I held membership at 3 different gym chains (LA Fitness@ Marylebone,  PureGym@ Birmingham and the Reading Council gyms@ Palmer Park and Arthur Hill and additionally trained with a PT at Fitness First@ Liverpool Street and Physique Warehouse@ Hampton Court to enable me to accomodate all my training requirements alongside my shift work….I now only have ONE membership and feel well placed to state that this gym encompasses the best elements of all 5 gyms that I used to use on a regular basis.

Its 24 hour access provides ease of use and enables huge flexibility. The free weights equipment is en par with the specialist body building equipment at Physique Warehouse at a fraction of a cost. The cardio, resistance, spin and studio areas are all comparitively better than those that I have found at any other gym with the added bonus of a functional training area and a massive range of fantastic indoor AND outdoor classes. The staff at a gym often make the difference and BUZZ has by far and above the friendliest staff ive ever encountered. However what really sets BUZZ above all other gyms is their attitude to progression and development. It is inevitable equipmemt will fail but rarely is faulty equipment not repaired or replaced with 48hours. The management listen to their members and not a weeks gone by since their opening when they haven’t been seen to be upgrading the gym be it structural developments, new equipment or evolving the layout to maximise training potential. All this accompanied by unique additions such as the cardio disco lights and live DJ sets, 360 degree roof mounted studio speakers and a huge selection of music on a jukebox in the free weights zone.

I really can’t recommend this gym highly enough. It has it all and delivers a high quality service in a great venue for a very cheap price.

Regards from a very happy customer,
MC, Reading.

Good work with Buzz, in all honesty the gym is amazing especially for the price. Advance and Buzz are probably the best gyms I’ve been a member of so far.


I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for such a fantastic gym. It is easily the best gym I have been a member of in my 25+ years of going to gyms. I joined before you opened and was a wee bit apprehensive, but how wrong I was! Your commitment to the customer is excellent. The equipment and facilities were great to begin with and you’re still striving to improve it, amazing. You’ve also put together a superb team of personal trainers who are more than happy to help and offer their very good advice. I’m always impressed when I’m working out next to someone being trained (and I nick a few tips myself).


“Can’t recommend this gym enough – 24hour access, the highest spec equipment, fantastic range of classes, DJ nights… and the trainers aren’t bad either! I’ve tried other local budget gyms and this one beats them hands down, no contest. If you’re serious about training, brand new to fitness or just want a space for some ‘me’ time, this gym is perfect. Body Pump, Kettlebells and Spin are particular favourites of mine. Easy to book classes online and the email reminders are handy. What are you waiting for???”


Great job on the club guys, been a member since you opened and it sets the standard for gyms as far as I am concerned! Also just wanted to mention one of your trainers Phil Agostino, I have been training with him for about 5-6 months and it has been a fantastic experience. Had a couple of bad experiences in the past with PTs at other gyms but I had found his knowledge and training to be first rate, seen fantastic improvements in strength and mobility. He really is a credit to your team.