Gabriella O Torok

Are you ready for a life changing journey with me?


Level 3 Personal trainer
Body fat reduction
Muscle tone and development
Certified INSANITY instructor
Enhanced box instructor
First Aider

About me

My name is Gabby and I am your next training partner. Why?

Because my passion is to help people LOOK and FEEL their best. I believe that part of being a Personal Trainer means being a good role model and in order to maintain my fitness levels I train hard never skip a day and keeping my strength levels up to maximum.

My enthusiasm and attention to detail never fail to rub off on my clients. Whatever your goal is, weight loss, body toning, muscle endurance or strength, I will craft a training programme that meets your target as efficiently as possible.

Anyone can help you lose weight, but it takes skill to help you develop a physique.

SPECIAL OFFERS: One to one boxing sessions for £20 – 30 min Pt sessions for £20 – Block of 12 session £360 (split payment option available)

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