Ashley Kee

Buzz Coach


Hi, I’m Ashley!

I am a national powerlifter, competed in bikini body building and have a degree in Sports and Exercise Science!

I am dedicated to using my knowledge and experience to help others transform their mindsets and push their bodies to achieve more than they believe they’re capable of.

As someone who has struggled with self confidence, unhealthy relationships with food, body image and more- I promise to be there every step of the way to support you, because deserve to be the happiest, healthiest and strongest version of yourself.
I am experienced in coaching individuals from all backgrounds, beginner or advanced and here to help you reach your goals no matter how big or small.

I specialize in a wide range of training, but particularly:

  • New members who need guidance in the gym with equipment, technique and building confidence.
  • Anyone aiming for sustainable fat loss and improve their overall health and physique.
  • Anyone wanting to work on strength training or powerlifting, whether you are experienced or new.
  • Women who want to shape and tone their body through weight training, whilst building confidence in and out the gym.
  • Women who want to build their glutes.
  • Those with a busy schedule, lack time and need a coach to push you and get it done through high intensity and time efficient workouts.

So, if you are looking for someone committed to helping you reach your goals, book your free consultation now. I look forward to working with you!


  • Fat loss
  • Strength training
  • Muscle building


  • Sports and Exercise Science BSc
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer