Emily Morris

Buzz Coach


Heya, I’m Em.  

I’m here to help you through the mental jungle  called ‘The gym’  

I want to motivate you and make the gym your  second home and not a chore to come to. I used to be scared of the gym myself and I  know now it’s not the scariest place on earth! 

I have been into fitness for 10 years now,  playing Netball since I was 8 for Croft and  being on all teams at school from gymnastics,  basketball, football, cross country and so  many more. 

With that I now want to share my love and  passion for sports and fitness by training  everyone, no matter age, gender or disability. 

So when you’re in buzz and if you see me at  the front, don’t hesitate to come say hi! 

Interesting Fact

I have done a speech at the House of Lords for awareness for siblings of disabled children.


  • Sports specific training
  • Muscle Building
  • Weight Loss & Body Confidence


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal training
  • Nutrition Advisor

Emily Morris


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