Peter Wright

Assistant Manager


I am a PT / online Coach for Feel Wright Fitness – my own brand of warriors that give 100% into every aspect of training and achieve the best results possible in running and body transformations.

I also run county track and XC full time, focusing on becoming an elite athlete in long distance track.

My times are currently:
Half – 1hr 25
10K – 37:30
5K – 17:01
3K – 9:45

With running full time, I’ve got limited spots available for PT. To be a part of this team, I need you to really commit to what you want from training with me.

I expect discipline, honesty and hard work.

It isn’t just about physical, it’s mental too. To mentally keep in the same routine and healthy habits, to resist temptations to go off plan and be patient in the process.

Put all this together and I can guarantee you your results.

Grab my card below and DM / email me about coaching and let’s talk about WE can work on YOU.

Work hard, stay consistent, be patient, get results.

I’m a 3 time Sandford 5K champion and blackbird leys mile winner. Oxford mail quoted me “fastest person in the Leys”.


  • Running Coach
  • Fatloss/Body-Transformation
  • Athletics Nutritionist


  • Level 2 Fitness instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Sports Massage
  • Level 2 running coach England athletics
  • Boxing coach