Peter Wright

Buzz Coach


Hi, I’m Peter, I am a Body Transformation & Running Coach for Feel Wright Fitness – my own brand of champions that give 100% into every aspect of training and achieve the best results possible.

I run Regional middle distance track full time, focusing on becoming an elite athlete in 400 and 800m
My times are currently,

400m – 53.3sec
800m – 2:00
5K – 16:40
10K – 36:30
Half – 1:24

I am also coached by 4 times Scottish Olympian and Commonwealth champion Eilish McColgan, so the standard we set only means the best training, plans and results for you!

With results guaranteed, I need you to really commit to your goals from day 1.

Grab my card below and contact me about coaching and let’s build the best version of YOU!

Work hard, stay consistent, be patient, get results.

I’m a 2 time Senior County 800m Champion 2022 + 2023


  • Long Distance road / Track Athletics
  • Fat Loss / Body Transformations
  • Race Prep / Olympic athlete knowledge 
  • Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Athletes


  • UKA Athletics Endurance Coach
  • Vegan and vegetarian nutritionist
  • L3 Sports massage and rehabilitation