Tom Blofeld

Buzz Coach


Hello I’m Tom and I’m here to help you with not only achieving your desired physical fitness goals and results but to assist you in breaking through barriers towards greater self-confidence. I have been weight training in a gym and fitness background since the age of sixteen which I got into during my first year of college. I was introduced to the world of bodybuilding having been inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger who was my childhood idol. I struggled with my own self-confidence and body image throughout my younger years and decided to make a change. The more progression I achieved after every gym session I did the more my self-esteem developed. I believe gym, fitness and sport in general is a powerful tool to not only assist in becoming physically stronger but also in providing the building blocks towards achieving a healthier mentality. I have had fantastic support over the years from gym-oriented individuals and have taken that knowledge away with me which has become a part of me for life. I plan to assist others in doing what I love best in this positive and supportive environment along with plenty of encouragement.

Favourite Quote:
When we fall down we rise up stronger


  • Programme Design
  • Weight and Resistance Training
  • Muscle Building
  • Fat Loss
  • Nutritional Support
  • Strength Gaining


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training