Tyrone Montier-Riley

Buzz Coach


Push people to their optimum level and really aim to help you reach your targets. I specialise in boxing and pad work training I feel this is a great way not only to improve your general fitness but also self-defence. I also do functional training, core conditioning, body weight and weight training, I’m very diverse in terms of what I do and how I train clients as I believe in making the sessions tough but enjoyable and combining all these different methods of training to make it enjoyable but also very specific to your goals.

Whatever your goals are whether it’s losing weight gaining muscle mass or learning something new, look no further and contact me to start your new journey to success achieving your targets.


  • Boxing / kick boxing
  • Weights and Body weight training
  • Functional training
  • Core conditioning
  • Weight loss/muscle gain
  • Mobility and posture


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • TRX qualified
  • Boxing and pad working
  • Kettlebells

Tyrone Montier-Riley



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