Felix Fowler

Buzz Coach


I’m Felix and I am part of the Strength Smith coaching team.

I have been doing some form of exercise for my whole life including team sports, athletics, long distance running and powerlifting. I have for the last five years been committed to power building, which is a cross-over of bodybuilding and powerlifting. I have a vast range of interests outside of the gym so we certainly won’t just be talking about exercise and nutrition all the time! I like to motivate my clients with goal setting so you feel good about your training every single time you come.

Strength Smith (Felix & Sophie ) are a duo personal training and coaching team here to help you build a stronger, healthier and more toned physique through the medium of strength training.

We deliver bespoke PT sessions that mean you will improve no matter what your level of training is. We pride ourselves on making every session fun, both through our interactive and relaxed training style but also because you will be seeing performance improvements as the sessions progress.

If you are beginner, intermediate or more advanced we have a range of program packages available that mean you can complete your own workouts using our advice and knowledge.

We even do online training for a manageable affordable monthly rate that means we give you programs to complete with check-in support to keep on track.

Please see more information about face to face, online packages or read testimonials from our clients please go to our website www.strengthsmith.com


  • LEVEL 2 Fitness Trainer
  • LEVEL 3 Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebells